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Dysangelium death-metal / Pardubice

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Text skladby Yperitual

z alba Maniachrist

Autor hudby: Dysangelium
Autor textu: Nekro

Long journey
Straight into the Hell
Unclean paradise
Lost but not forgotten
Kingdom of burning souls
That's what we are heading for
Children of Satan
Possessed by destruction
Infernal dissection
Death rules our creation
Decay in composition
Divigating soul
Dreaming about war
Fearing itself
Perpetual gore
Between life and death
Insensible border
Dominance and corruption
Evil is our order
Desire for expiration
The good is only a way
To bring another doom
The way of communication
Utter annihilation
That's our
A rotten being
Dark and foul
In rotting flesh
A drowned soul
Our eternal path
Creation for destruction
Dreams of blood
Festering malformation
Madness and agony
Inhuman transmutation
In sinful incarnation
Intensive lust
Excessive gluttony
Wolfish greed
Wretched envy
Shameful sloth
Godlike pride
Maniacal wrath
In the endless night
And for so-called virtue
Turning to the vice
Hear the godless angel
Hell is our prize
That's our
Carrionic feast on an endless corpse
An old symbol of anguish
Suffocated twisted mind!
Born to be the early dead
Pulverized or cremated
Inner spirit devoured
To ancient evil absorbed