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Dyin' Breed hard rock-southern rock / Bratislava


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Text skladby The epic battle

z alba Soul is full of empty words

Autor hudby: S. Madars, Dyin Breed
Autor textu: E. Kriššák

1st & 2nd guitar solos: J. Molnár
3rd guitar solo: P. Kriššák

Sunset awakes no-one works on the field.
Season of peace has broken the deal
The time has come to fight for our land
Peasants and Lords, both blood will be spent.

Hundreds of peons are marching to the war
When a legion of raiders are waiting on front doors
So few swords we have, so staves and rocks
Serve like weapons to beat the odds.

The enemies are here and spreads the fear
Ready to plunder, kill children at will
They will surely rape our wives with need
We must turn them into the dyin' breed

The masses are swarmed around the horizon
The fight is about to start all hopes are gone
The slaughter begins, first won’t die the last
Swimming in blood you can’t move so fast

One by one we meet the Lady Death
Now but a few of our men are left.
Suddenly the ground begin to burst
Like a hungry mouth is eating dead and foes.

Earthquake is over, we live thanks to the will
Lead by Fortune we stand on a solid hill
Me and a pack of very lucky souls
Are leavin’ this wasteland, hope to see our homes