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Drunk With Pain melodic-death / Brno

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  • Never Forget
    Born To Fall Down EP
  • Why Wings (When I Can Let Go)
    Born To Fall Down EP
  • Born To Fall Down
    Born To Fall Down EP
  • Hail The Monsters
    Hail The Monsters
  • Keep Me Alive Ft. Viktorie Surmova
    Hail The Monsters
  • Rise Of The Dark Son
    Hail The Monsters
  • The Whispering Man
    Hail The Monsters
  • Midnight Shadow
    Hail The Monsters
  • Made By The Alchemist
    Hail The Monsters

Drunk With Pain - Keep Me Alive ft. Viktorie Surmova

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 18.1.2016
Drunk with Pain:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrunkwithPain/
Bandcamp: https://drunkwithpain.bandcamp.com…
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Recorded, mixed and mastered at SONIDOS metal studio in Brno, Czech Republic. With Zdenek Ondracek as sound engineer and producer. http://www.sonidos.cz/cz

video-produkce: Zdenek Strmiska http://www.zdenekstrmiska.cz/