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Dharma grunge-rock / Chtelnica

„Cd Please wait !“

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Text skladby Aroma

z alba AROMA

I think I never lied
They said me about a wine
What I do in my mind?
Well I'm in moral life
You wanna suck my blood
You wanna heal me and...

I don't know what live in me
Who knows me better than me?
It could be memories
What happened between him?
Poor devil, biggest sin
Who burns to ashes with him?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Every night...

Now I sit and drink
Oh look at Mr. Blind
He doesn't speak to me
And never talks about fear
Loud singer lost his voice
His career start at the cross

No words, no music left
He waits independent sex
His life is mysterious
But never sleep at show
Ehm try close your eyes
Oh man I get up and fall

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...