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Dave Brannigan indie-rock / Žilina

„Po Young Creatures (2017) novinka Brannigan (2019)“

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Text skladby Moon Acacia

z alba Young Creatures

Autor hudby: Dave Brannigan
Autor textu: Dušan Škunda

The wind blew off the dust
but didn´t dry tears from your eyes
That sweetest flavour of the moon acacia
clearly fooled my mind

So draw the way to you
and send it by hot - air balloon
Want to drown myself in your blue eyes
never come up cause it´s so hard to live
without you in empty world

Drop down all your guns
and truckle to love of us
You´re a book I´ve written so
there´s really nothing you can hide

It´s getting cold but you feel all the same
should I wait for the frost or should I go away
I need your hug because I´ll go insane
I need your hug !

Now every morning have to play a tune
that fortunatelly helps me forget you
cause I´m feeling down
I´m feeling down

I´m feeling down
I´m feeling down