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14. ledna 2019
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  • Lost Highway (feat. Erika Rein)
    I Love You
  • Interlude (Memo)
    I Love You
  • Crimson Red
    I Love You
  • Butterfly
    I Love You
  • Butterfly (Living Room Version)

Text skladby Butterfly

z alba I Love You

Autor hudby: Tom Rothschild
Autor textu: Tom Rothschild

These pictures say
I really hate myself again
but had you stayed
The worst things would have never gone away

Seeing red and feeling blue
back and forth between the two

I feel alone and tired
From this world I’ve been fired
We are the ones expired
I’ve brushed my lust away

I feel lost when I’m home
Trying to keep my eyes closed
Need to stop asking myself if one day the sadness will end.

I became a butterfly to escape from the dream
Butterflies in the stomach