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14. ledna 2019
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  • Lost Highway (feat. Erika Rein)
    I Love You
  • Interlude (Memo)
    I Love You
  • Crimson Red
    I Love You
  • Butterfly
    I Love You
  • Butterfly (Living Room Version)

Text skladby Crimson Red

z alba I Love You

Autor hudby: Tom Rothschild
Autor textu: Tom Rothschild

I’ll keep you at a distance
But I’ve got to break the curse
We both have our instincts
Mine say that this will hurt
I tried to follow your mind
And I found your little secret
Was it something I wanted to find?
Should I've let you keep it?

We’ve been waiting for so long with hope
we'd find the one we were waiting for
Can’t get that red dress out of my head
The memory of you is crimson red

It’s never enough for you
to have someone by your side
A lack of interest hurts the most, yeah

endless talks about the summer and about you
I guess I should ve known

Look at the ocean
The tidal waves are gone
I always had that clue

Look at the ocean
Your tidal waves are gone
Just quiet and blue