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Daniel Sárkány acoustic / Bratislava

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Daniel Sárkány - Lost OFFICIAL VIDEO

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 9.12.2015
FB : https://www.facebook.com/danielsarkan...
iTunes : http://apple.co/1T7Wj7f

Video by : https://www.facebook.com/robovisionpr...
Kamera: Robo Végh
Mix and master by Biotech Studio Prague

Robo Végh, Kika Sárkányova, Renáta Sárkányova, Martinka Spišáková, Tomáš Pápay, Filip Liptai and Majo Vašák.

Also big thank you goes to : Apostolis Sakellaris, Tomáš Horeháj and to Mochi To.

You thought you can bring me down.
Now you can frown
Well, I'm still fine.
When there's a time to fall we taste it all, that's for sure.

I have lost the world I used to trust,
but now I'm so far gone from the pain again.

You won't break me, I'm on safe place.
I'm just lost now.
You can blame me for everything, but now I know who you are
and I'm sick of it .

I know , all the thing are happening for some reason, but we have to be the good, the bright to sneak the dark.

I'll get up every day to learn to swim in this pool of masquerade.

God loves us