Cutterred Flesh - Album: Cause The Apocalypse |

Cutterred Flesh death-metal / Karlovy Vary

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  • Sandy goes hardcore
    Code: Violence
  • Sculptures of suffering
    Code: Violence
  • Training of pure cut
    Dying in Pieces
  • Progressive Body Adjustment
    Dying in Pieces
  • Dancing On The Flesh-hook -Cause the Apocalypse
  • 6 Minutes To Annihilation
    Cause The Apocalypse
  • Cause the Apocalypse
    split Cutterred Flesh/Smashed Face
  • Poetry Of Cutting Tools
    Torture Is Medicine
  • Barbecue ss 18 Satan
    Torture Is Medicine

Vydavatelství: Nice To Eat You rec.
Producent: Otyn
Mix: Otyn
Mastering: Otyn
Album art: DisArt


Cause The Apocalypse


01. The comming of the mutilated
02. Cause the apocalypse
03. Dancing on the flesh-hook
04. Autopsy Romance
05. Six minutes to annihilation
06. Corpse infected carnival
07. Spread of mutation
08. Searching for nihility
09. Wish to be quartered