Cutterred Flesh - Album: Torture Is Medicine |

Cutterred Flesh death-metal / Karlovy Vary

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  • Sandy goes hardcore
    Code: Violence
  • Sculptures of suffering
    Code: Violence
  • Training of pure cut
    Dying in Pieces
  • Progressive Body Adjustment
    Dying in Pieces
  • Dancing On The Flesh-hook -Cause the Apocalypse
  • 6 Minutes To Annihilation
    Cause The Apocalypse
  • Cause the Apocalypse
    split Cutterred Flesh/Smashed Face
  • Poetry Of Cutting Tools
    Torture Is Medicine
  • Barbecue ss 18 Satan
    Torture Is Medicine

Vydavatelství: Grodhaisn prod.
Producent: Z.Šikýř
Mix: Z.Šikýř
Mastering: Z.Šikýř
Album art: Hobluda


Torture Is Medicine


01. ...Inside...
02. Barbecue SS-18 Satan
03. Torture is medicine
04. Discovering the new dimmensions of suffering
05. Poetry of cutting tools
06. Puppets of human entrails
07. Girl in my fridge
08. Double chopper attack
09. Experience from the world of pain
10. Sick art of torture