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CTM hardcore-rock / Praha

„CTM Farewell - 4.11.2017!“

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Text skladby MINER

z alba True Fictions

Autor hudby: CTM
Autor textu: John Mason (CTM)

Part 1:
Another day working hard
Thats my destiny
Rip out all from the ground
Pickaxe harmony
Find gold vein that's my aim
You need a good sight
Bite into rocks sweat and pain
I pray to survive

And I feel so bad for all of canaries' last breath
They died for us couse down there is gaseous death
And my little hope is that you value our toil
So you can make your jewellery and than been spoiled

3x Digging deeper
Digging, digging deeper

I’m a miner digging deeper I chop of every piece
Our precious dynamite when digging's hard than he release
I’m a miner digging deeper my blood preasure increase
We are spreading under ground like a malignant heart disease

Part 2:
Everytime under ground
I'm digging like a mole
I wanna hear the cracking sound
Of just realised cole
Leave me there burry me
Just me and my friends
My minerals make a glee
Make it any sense?


I‘m digging tunnel of my life
When I‘m digging I feel alive
I’m digging way to my dead
Still you‘re walking above my head

I’m wondering is this my grave
This hollow place is far from save
I know that I’m close to hell
But all of you join me here as well

From history I sense my destiny
I probably die I’m over it
It’s not mistery that I’m not satisfied
I probably die in the dark