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CTM hardcore-rock / Praha

„CTM Farewell - 4.11.2017!“

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Text skladby SON OF A GUN

z alba True Fictions

Autor hudby: CTM
Autor textu: John Mason (CTM)

Mama part of me is in this letter and a sound of firing gun
What you taught me now doesn‘ t matter I’ ve got sound of firing gun

Now I’m having second thoughts
Can I survive what are the odds
When I survive will I have the mark?
Cause now I know the fear of the dark

Part 1:
Mama I should listen to you
It’s not about me it’s about a true
War is causing so much pain

I let them recruit me as a force
To force people behave even worse
Humanity bleeding from my vein

Is there an explanation why to fight other nation
For better good we kill..
Some men are dying on a burned land they’re lying
Hold position! Stand still!

Bang bang sound
From firing gun
Changing pretty face into mud
We‘re just sacks filled with a blood
Bang bang sound
Is my Jesus
Loosing mind and going mad
Can’t see now what’s good or bad?!

Part 2:
Mama this letter got it’s reason
Maybe for you it’s the highest treason
But I don’t want to come back home
Cause I fell in love to weapons‘ tone
I’ ve lost myself to become a winner
Society changed me into a sinner
Can you just little understand
Love and killing goes hand in hand

Mama what kind of good can come from the war
Mama never the less nothing good at all as before