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CBF thrash-metal / Praha

„in need for gigs“

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Text skladby Them Against Us

z alba Malvarma

Autor hudby: Kryštof Eichler
Autor textu: Kryštof Eichler

Do you wanna live
As a different human being
Questioning existence
Emotion you're faking
Vision of this living
Kills all the vibe
Joking is forbidden
Stand up and fight!

Nothing wrong with you,
Why you trynna hide?
Behind these different genders
That doesn't seem right!
Scepticism strenghtens
Hormones are at war
It feels like a prison
Can't take this anymore!

Trynna be a victim, them-vs-us community
Did it every cross your mind
That you're killing our society
Labeling conditions
Just to feel like one of a kind
I just wonder when will it stop
Retreat from our basic right
Group of freaks marching together
To be different like no other
Fuck those wannabes!
You gotta listen to me when I tell you this
You're not opressed! You're full of shit!
Stop this insanity!
There are more important issues to care about
Than what you think is right!