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Coin rock-grunge / Frýdek-Místek

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Text skladby Whatever Comes

z alba This Riot

Autor hudby: Coin
Autor textu: Petr Kahanek

i have walk for thousand days
may heart barely beating
i ran through fields on fire
and higher lands
thousand times my eyes turned grey
with hatred and grievance
i'll keep them open wide
until they see again

there is a place
i'm heading for
all this long and winding road i am walking

i remember every hour
wasted in hiding
i remember everything
i've ever feared
see those deamons coming down
and gathering around me
i'll hold my head up high
until they disappear

i remember every hour
your careful hand and
i know that love grows cold
and faith grows tired
but no one has left here to pretend
or make amends, so
i'm gonna shout out loud
until it clears the sky

i know i'm going home