Clox! - Text a video UDEKM z alba Funk Parking Only |
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Clox! funk-rock / Praha

„Rockzone - Česká desítka“

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Text skladby UDEKM

z alba Funk Parking Only

Autor hudby: jirka čulibrk/Clox!
Autor textu: kompas/Clox!

Hold me, hold me
Though you don’t even know me
I’m just a number on your phone?

You have dumped me
Even though you want me
To share a magic on our own

I never knew
What was pure?
Who was greedy?
Going up
Then right down
What a pity!

A fanatic,
A lunatic
In the city
No one cares
Secret’s out
No destiny
Now you can see me

Got to
All right
Dream on of
A freedom
Secret is there

I was meant to be
Trying on and on
To attract your empathy

You knocked me to the ground
Just all alone
By a love as a therapy

My heart was torn apart
A glue to find
Somewhere in eternity

Where it starts it ends
Feel the same
Delightful you and me