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Steve Misik & Co - Clone (official video)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 1.1.2008
Steve Misik - vocals/guitars (music & lyrics).
Miro Bartos - drums
Tibor Borsky - bass
Oskar Szabo - Hammond
Sound engineer: David Kalosi (Morpheus multimedia).
Original movie: Fritz Lang - Metropolis (1926).…

Clone's alright...just relax...
I wanna feel this inside,
I wanna know that it's the way
I like to change the life,
so that nobody needs this (help)
scientific enthusiasm,sick spasms
nobody wanna let the children starve
a new contraption of the world,a great gift
a new entry in the book of destiny
...fight...its rule...
I like to change the life,
so that nobody needs this (help)
bad eggs shall suffer for all
of us in endless pain
lookin around in my soul,why and who Im
walking around back and forth, burn(ing) my head
AAAh,body,soul,can't find salvation
uuuyeah,exist only as waste
deformed thinking,deformed existences
no one will survive that
even a sane eye will go mad
wanted to save the world
by a comfortable compromise
I wanna feel this inside...
AAAh,they will clone us as they wish
uuuyeah,there will be only servants
AAAh,and a few of those who rule
uuuyeah,the laws of nature are set
oh god say...
I ask do we want a warped world?
uuuyeah,everything will be just a clone?
Im lookin' around in my soul
uuuyeah,so why,and who em I?