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Circle progressive-metalcore / Plzeň

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Text skladby Destroy

z alba Instinct

Autor hudby: Circle
Autor textu: Circle

Destroy, destroy everything around. How you like it?!

End this quickly, like time flows. End all the failures in our lives.New day is here and you are still sitting in the dark corner.

Destroy, destroy everything around!

Now is the time to turn it off, you’re cutting up your live, you fuck.Behind your back getting up courtain, so don't be suprised, don't be suprised.
Now is the time to turn it of, you' re cutting up your fucking live. you’re gonna win, you’re gonna win this war; this war!!!
Now is the time to break it down, don't you dare sit on your ass. Break it down, break it fast. Its not over yet.

If we don’t get everything, we’ve got less than nothing