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Text skladby Keen

z alba Instinct

Autor hudby: Circle
Autor textu: Circle

To be keen

We are born with some name
Then we don't have anything
At the start of our life we're the same
And in a manger we're laying

Time is going on
And we'r getting older
Time is going on
And we'r geting clever

So why we are not
what we wanted to be
We are not keen on
our biggest dreams
You rather sit on your ass

You fuck off to do something
Than to try be someone
Than just to be happy

Brake through the barier
Don't let yourselves down
Everything is possible
Be keen

Don't fuck it up
Make your live
a better one
Be keen

Every fucking day .. You have it in your head
Every fucking month .. You're getting bigger and fat
But not today .. Because To day you won't fall
But it,s not today .. Go and do what you want
You must be keen
You must be keen