Chasing Christy - Text skladby Libra z alba Young and Bold |
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Chasing Christy hardcore / Havlíčkův Brod

„// DREAMCATCHER - online //“

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Text skladby Libra

z alba Young and Bold

Autor hudby: Chasing Christy
Autor textu: Jane Šttancl

Balance is my name
I'm resigned to blame myself
Balance is my key
Maybe I was never meant to be
I am honest I am fair
and it´s hard to survive there
I cannot decide what's bad or good
I would change it if I could
Balance is my name
Balance is my mind
Balance is my key
Balance, I was never meant to be Libra

I always have the right to choose, but how do I know what is wrong?
The time will show the hand of fate, I must keep hope and deflect blows.

I am trying to dig out of this hole.
A part of me breaks with every decision
I always think too much
It´s time make a difference..

Straight from my heart without regrets,
Let me resist my curse or you can help me to
Put the same weight on both sides
and balance my scales, my curse.

Only ourselves affect our lives.
Only words, truths and lies