Chasing Christy - Text skladby Let it burn z alba 18 Broken Bones |
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Chasing Christy hardcore / Havlíčkův Brod

„// DREAMCATCHER - online //“

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Text skladby Let it burn

z alba 18 Broken Bones

Autor hudby: Chasing Christy
Autor textu: Jane Šttancl

Let it burn

It´s not necessary to forgive you
You burned all bridges, haven´t you?
nothing happens, cause rivers are drying up
ruin the standards
piece by piece, I´m tired of waiting

Let it burn, to let them know that we´re alive.
Let it burn, to let them know we feel heat in our hearts.
You‘re searching for a sign, so you can start a fire...
and let it burn, (you) speak out of turn.
So let it burn..

Tell me something more,
don´t show your back
ain´t no rules there
but expectation, take care

what are you waiting for?

It will suffice you say:
"That I'm sorry
For breaking all we´ve built, that I wasn't better, stronger."
And when I see your sincerity
We start again, build the bridges and drain the dam