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MindThorN metal / Praha


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Text skladby Blackangel

z alba Entitylogist

Autor hudby: Darkpriest
Autor textu: Darkpriest

What have I done to my old kind
What will I do to shake off the truth

Freeze of a bitterend , call me a broken man - can´t go back
sand took the last smile away, eyes clouded by a mist - hands squeezed in fists

What have I done to home called Sun
What will I do to break the darkness through

Who ever sold his soul and walk alone with a burden of his heart
will only play the Devil´s art
I wake up seldom with self-love - forgiveness to them all
And mainly to my own

flying back home - I´m dying to grow
Wings carry me - back to the sun
The word for what I feel can´t be said

Forgive me, accept me, release me, please let me cut off my destiny
Or give me back to face it...

What have I done to myself
What should I do - to Life to you

One´s more I ought to pretend, who Am I in this role I play - the mask of ,,I´´ has been denied
This stage is down and curtain falls, now you see me - begone - fools
Or take this hand and be my friend

Call me a devil I call you an angel , give me a chance to smile once more
We´re together - we´re together - one and other - one and other