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MindThorN metal / Praha


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Text skladby Nagual

z alba Entitylogist

Autor hudby: Darkpriest
Autor textu: Darkpriest

Hello my shadow I merged with you - I overcame fear, now everything is so clear

Once upon an time, a few brave jumped over the line
Even less have returned and those who did, changed the world
Most of them went mad, every second one is sad or dead
and those who not is sitting aside, laughting at us and our way of
understanding the Life
that Mystery
dead mystery

Hello my darkness I merged with you - I overcame the clarity of the sight, now I feel stronger than night and you

Once upon an time someone is picked or sent from behind the line
And when plants of power talks they became aware or fools
When you meet them you notice something in yourself
When you are one of them Oh...bloody hell

Oh Nagual - cut us the way from this jungle of insanity
We move behind you, ´cuz you have prooved something new

When the power swallowed my goal
Story becomes glory - the soul was born

What grew in us and was not heard - pain recalled
We are - to show our uniqueness to ONE

Hello my power I merged with you - I overcame myself - thank you
Just one step left and that is Death

I fell finaly in love with everyone, even with enemy
I fell finaly in love with myself and with you....my End

I am nothing but all