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MindThorN metal / Praha


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Text skladby Mrvič (bonus song)

z alba Last Thirst - First Lust (EP)

Autor hudby: Darkpriest
Autor textu: Darkpriest

It awakes again !

Staying in front of a mirror looking at the freak
Which was made by this slavish age of greed
Seeing the malice in its chaotic world
Which is boiling with every goddamed word
Preparing for another day of boring routine life
There where rules the malevolent human lie

I hate this world drowning inside depravity
Come what may there is no probability
How to change it and mainly them
But I will never go atray
I will still follow my inner voice and order
My duality and society murderor
I rather die than live in vile lie
But I will always try

So will you follow me?
Will you truckle me?
I´m giving you my hand of save
Catch it if you don´t wanna live in grave
I will never ask you again
So you don´t want to ? Well, die in pain !

Tearing from inside by the thirst for freedom
Which is mistily in contrast with certain martyrdom
The contagion called evil is breeding in lust
And will end spreading with the last human dust
So that´s why I´m here to do what I must
To liberate their souls from fear and let them trust
the desire for the biggest drug
which a´int freedom but just true love

It awakes again !
It awakes again !

No misadvanture
Just incoming future
Awful traitors torture
The spawned revenger
Clear mind without delusion
Decision based on inner vision
Society fettered with confusion
Their fate is also the conclusion

So will you follow me?
Will you truckle me?
Here´s my hand !