MindThorN - Text skladby Alter E.G.O. z alba Black Shine Of The Gloom pt.II | Bandzone.cz
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MindThorN metal / Praha


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Text skladby Alter E.G.O.

z alba Black Shine Of The Gloom pt.II

Autor hudby: Darkpriest
Autor textu: Darkpriest

I hear its voices telling me inwards
Sounds like a whisper from lower demons

Bury your friends and dig your worst enemies
Let them show how can life becomes debris
Make them submerged in their own puring blood
Act of revenge on their weakness is liberating
I don´t wanna so much just their moaning
I feel like to having their heads on plates
Fiends genocide the new dastardly despair
Hope demise in their eyes, why to care?

Kill – this is how the hatred feels
Violate this temptation feel

Eating the last self-denial as a worm
Its whisper makes my thoughts boil

Pick some motherfucking hammer and smash
Dismember their heads make them brains the thrash
Cut throat and let the blood rain on killing field
Heart grasped in hand under effort of slowly eating
I don´t wanna make them scream
I just wanna see they entrails tore
Hanging on their own intestines
Urinating from the fear of my inner devil