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MindThorN metal / Praha

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Text skladby Cryptic

z alba Black Shine Of The Gloom pt.II

Autor hudby: Darkpriest
Autor textu: Darkpriest

Hold on with fear till a mirror reveals its sight
Push back those tears that prove how much you need to be guilty
How did you feel when you´re falling from the skies
Stop guessing what is real TOY and prepare for die of your narrow mind

You blindly claim you ,,truth´´ but your heart stedfastly disapproves
curse in me burns till you feed on thoughts, consequences create own world
Obtain a fame of blame when you never even know who the hell I AM, damn
put it back to be - immortality - oh God just let us all be

Blood hides memories but we´re scared of what we´ve found
Scratched knees from nights when you pray for mercy and sign
How do you feel when you open up your eyes
Don´t worry be sincere ... now cool the mind and fire up your heart

I´m begging you let us be

One two three four five six seven or maybe more when you reach the heaven
Spirally wrapped around the spine the curled snake a friend of mine
Patience (wisdom) and Trust (sacrifice)
Journey of spirit with no limits - silence as last
Smell it, taste it, hear it more than see it, anything but you have to feel it
Outside a bit of you a lot of me in you - unite us both through and through
Inserted to be realized with timeless true of the universe size
This is the realm of life - the cryptic cause of sky - we all may have to recognize

The vision of fog has fallen
What remains only shine
The vision of fog has fallen
so come with me back into heavenly light