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MindThorN metal / Praha


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Text skladby Corpus Christi

z alba Blinded Age (EP)

Autor hudby: Darkpriest
Autor textu: Darkpriest


The trial of the crowd
The king of thorny crown
Suffer torment

Corpus Cristi 4x

I took off the Jesus
From my heretic wall
I want to create a weapon
To destroy all believers
Voodoo dolly will kill
The holly Christerdom
Exorcism, chosen victim
Desire and obsession

Corpus Cristi 4x

Martyr must die, take the nail
Crucify him again
Unrip the chest and stab the heart
Kill him one more time
Curse all the slaves of martyrdom
Show them the agony of bitterly
Push their souls into perpetual
gripe of fire
Don't let them breath, it's the
biggest desire

Persuade an utopia
The wish of the church
Prescripted testament
Predestined end
I wish I had his power
Glory for two tousand years
The creed is evil
Spilled by blood and tears

Corpus Cristi 4x