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MindThorN metal / Praha


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Text skladby Where Do Angeles Look Up To

z alba Blinded Age (EP)

Autor hudby: Darkpriest
Autor textu: Darkpriest


I´ve overdrunk with Death
On her shouting I´m already deaf
Stigmatas in snow show me the way
into storm
And there I´ve found him

Demogorgon 4x

I´ve charmed my dread
I killed the light in my head
my porcelain conscience stungs as the
and there I´ve found him

I´ve made eclipses spread
this plague won´t make you sad
I´ve built the palace and sounded the horn
and then I´ve welcomed him

Demogorgon 4x

Through your voice my determination missed damned fear
the confused being of my ego mysteriously disappeared
a new hope inflamed in my ethernal ocean of oblivion
tasted like a potion from veins coloured in vermilion

The world of ideas was just bad paranoia but not reality
the alter-ego breaths nearby me as my abstract duality
in catacombs of my brain dead memories rised from grave
My pulsing reactor compels me to go back into the cave
To welcome the Dark Lord into the infernal human assylum
show him the demise of blinded age drowned in delirium
again be the Lord of world
again taste the chaos
again see the hellish hordes
again subserve to the chaos

where do angels look up to
down my Lord to see how you rule

hail hail

Demogorgon!! 4x