Calm Season - Text skladby Have Hope z alba Mosaic Views |
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Calm Season alternative-acoustic / Praha

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06. října 2014
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  • Jemná (Symboly 2014) NOVINKA
  • Výhled (Symboly 2014) NOVINKA
  • We Are The Symphony (Mosaic Views 2012)
  • One Day (Mosaic Views 2012)
  • This ain't over (Mosaic Views 2012)

Text skladby Have Hope

z alba Mosaic Views

Autor hudby: Adam Vopička
Autor textu: Adam Vopička

You still haven’t found, what you’ve been looking for.
You’re not even sure what it is.
You keep wondering if you missed the point.
And you’ve been waiting in vain for bliss.

It’s hard to trust when you’ve been hurt.
It’s hard to find a way back to
When you were fearless, you weren’t scared
Back when all the skies were blue

Have hope.