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Calidad melodic-metal / Říčany

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Text skladby THE DAY I DIE

z alba Searching for Release

Autor hudby: CALIDAD
Autor textu: Josef Fišer

This is the day Death comes for me…
This is the only way I´m free…

Corrosion inside
Rape me every day, long ride
Suffocation, our trust
We´ll all soon turn to dust

Hunger for death
Dawn of the day
Trap has been set
You´ll be my prey

Long run to the arms of blood
No chance to to see your God
This is the way it shall be done

You must make a sacrifice
Tear up your soul - his price
Give him no chance to have a fun

I heard the voice, my time has come…
My dirty work will soon be done…

Evolution of our kind
Listen to the dumb, I´m blind
Comprehension, we´ll see
Black heart inside of me

Hunger for death…

Long run to the arms of blood…