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Calidad melodic-metal / Říčany

„Připravujeme termíny na tour 2020...“

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Text skladby THE UNKNOWN

z alba Searching for Release

Autor hudby: CALIDAD
Autor textu: Josef Fišer

All I know, I fear…The Unknown
Take my hand don´t leave me alone
World is slowly passing undone
Only friend that left - loaded gun

You got your chance
Broke your lance
Bitter taste of denial
Stand up and fight, turn the lights
Kick off The Unknown
World is like ball, it must roll
Temptation of betrayal
Just leave it back, till it´s black
Throne of the Unknown

…this beast is coming
…no time for running
…don´t touch her ever
…don´t follow

Never ever let her make you crawl
And never ever try to climb too high
Forever ever after you lose you soul
And trust me you´re just a human
that cannot fly…

Then it comes again
Takes your hand
You feel so small and tired
Open your eyes, no more cries
Kick off The Unknown
Cold rain of light, dispel the night
Relief of domination
Suffering end, found a friend
Throne of the Unknown

Falling from the throne, feel the touch of pride
Pain of rotten bones, finally alive
Do you hear your mother´s cry
Divine tears out of the sky
Life is only lie

Termination, cancellation, rejection and liquidation
All your clever plans were only delusions, hallucionations
Do you hear your mother´s cry
Divine tears out of the sky
Life is only lie