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Calidad melodic-metal / Říčany

„Home office...“

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z alba Searching for Release

Autor hudby: CALIDAD
Autor textu: Josef Fišer

Small faces grinning at me
Twisted insanity
Army of helpless servants
Evil diversity

Noone look into my eyes
Why face the truth and lie
Well ignorance is so sweet
Still hear innocents cry

Fight is what I like…
Fight that makes me be…
Descrete friend of mine…
Fight shall set me free…

Have no fear, have no doubt of my supremacy
I will rule this world of hypocrisy
Say it right, this is the way that you want me to be
God has come, so kneel down, where you really should be

Have you ever touched the heart of fallen angel?
Have you ever been to Heaven or Hell?
Forget once for all this shit about redemption
Live your life just once, so fight till the bell

Why, why should we cry
I wanna fly, right to the sky