Calidad - Text skladby INEVITABLE LIFE (X2) z alba Searching for Release |
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Calidad melodic-metal / Říčany

„Home office...“

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Text skladby INEVITABLE LIFE (X2)

z alba Searching for Release

Autor hudby: CALIDAD
Autor textu: Josef Fišer

Our days are full of hate and sadness
Battered shapes obsessed with madness
Trapped in nets of polite manners
Harvest fruits of bloody banners

Nobody can tell you what is purpose of our lives
We can´t touch our gods just wait for message from the sky
Masters of the Earth and slaves of vicious lusts
All our splendid deeds soon disappear in ash and dust

Murder without any reason
Age of tolerated treason
Doom has spread out wings of bane
Flesh they´ll never wash the shame

Let´s dance with devils, let them come and prey
Knock off with monsters like it´s our last day
Nobody´s looking Heaven remained cold
Crucified Jesus died for rotten world

We cast away our sanity and raped all our rights
We abandoned our dignity and scratched all our fights
Getting on the train of death, my ultimate ride
Clearly I can foresee every piece of this Life

Of this Life, of this Life, of this Life
This Life , Inevitable Life
I hate this fucking Life
Inevitable Life
I hate it

Born to the world of hate violence and inhumanity
Find out our lives are beyond power, pride, honor, dignity
There´s nothing left in our hearts save humiliation disease
Naked and shaking in the face of doom searching for release

We play the roles of sheeps in fury
Condemn to death with a blinded jury
Reign of puppets ruled by blood
Seek for peace in the name of God

We are toys in the hands of Life…We are toys…
Laugh is cold like steel of knife…it´s cold
It´s cold…