Calidad - Text skladby TYRANNY OF CALIDAD z alba Searching for Release |
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Calidad melodic-metal / Říčany

„Home office...“

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z alba Searching for Release

Autor hudby: CALIDAD
Autor textu: Josef Fišer


Call, I hear the call
Makes me feel small
That´s why I wanna lose my fucking…

Control, out of control
Break down the wall
And make my enemy flee and fall… fall… fall…

It´s like a storm, like rage of unleashed thunder
It´s like a killing machine pulling me under
Off right to live, to speak, without the name
As pure as ice my mind´s flying untamed
Don´t tread on me I´m full of deadly power
Don´t try to critizes, I´m a lord of tower
Revenge is a meal best served on golden tray
That´s why you should not stay…

Faces around me are full of hypocrisy
Lying and cheating - headstones of our policy
I hate this place we call Heaven on Earth
We turned the wine into water and dirt

This world is burning undone
Incoming time of war
Violence bears children of hate
Thirsty for blood, sex and force

We don´t know what is brother
Just to kill each other
Simply slaughter one another
Where is the end?

Hey, hey you the fucker
I´m talking to you, sucker
Now hear my sentence of death
Why are you losing your breath

Can you smell the sweat of fear
Time of chosen one is here
Devil knocking at your door
Angels singing final choir

This is a tyranny of Calidad we know your fucking face
Hear me we are monsters so let us get off chase
Day by day with pleasure we terrorize your world
Until the day you sell your soul that never should be sold

Crying, crouching, creeping you wanna see the light
Bear in mind we rule and we fell in love with night
Your soul is like a window can´t you see through
Hope is fading out and torture waits for you

Come closer
Welcome to the desert of life
Drink deep from the Well of truth

I see the life passing by and saying goodbye so leave me die…