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Beast Within The Sound metal-metal / Praha

„...and Vice Versa 2018!!!“

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Text skladby Leaves of Pleasure

z alba Eternal Conflict

Autor hudby: BWTS
Autor textu: Nikolay, Skoři

So you say there’s falling weed from above

We were fooled by the same mistake

Lira’s playing for the scorched man

Who was stoned and shitfaced

Seek for the truth

Leaves of Pleasure

Find the misery of the stoned

Leaves of Pleasure

Listen to the order of the dope

No matter if you are homeless or the pope

Aren’t you hungry check the fridge

If you’re a pothead it means you’re rich

And we have all the finest seeds

Tomatoes I’ll be growing by the sea

Hey punk

Sing that shit

Leaves of Pleasure

Everybody loves bananas

Leaves of Pleasure

Listen to the words of the pope

He sounds like he is really stoned

Aren’t you thirsty?

The sixpack waits! Beer and weed are best friends!

This goes out for all the family and friends

Rise of Surya, Diphteria and the Vibrathor boys!

It also goes out for Exorcizphobia, Last Hope Sofia and

Carniphicine from Lisboa and Damaia


Every feeling powered up

Fallen cities drowned in chocolate

Praise the lord for the herb

Praise the funny funny

Pink - Elephant

Now - Check your hand

Year - that is huge

White - fuckin’ mouse

Puke - on the street

Boobs - that are huge

Who cares about my sober head

Gimme some smoke or I’ll soon be dead

Wisdom from a baby drummer

You are high like MC hammer

This man is so evil he’s a drummer he’s a baby

Wisdom is deceiving from that evil baby man

Dude I was really high

Leaves of pleasure 4x