Beast Within The Sound - Text skladby Ultimate Freedom z alba Eternal Conflict |
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Beast Within The Sound metal-metal / Praha

„Propulsion of War EP 2018!“

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Text skladby Ultimate Freedom

z alba Eternal Conflict

Autor hudby: BWTS
Autor textu: Máca Kraft, Nikolay

Raise The Stakes - Raise Raise

And set your hate - Hate

cause your life without answer always was like fucking cancer

Call me demise

and you can enter to locked doors

Only one blind can see the lies

Behind the acting bones

in the fears of war

cut that flower and slowly taste the sweet breath of death

Deceit will not prevail 2x

now you need someone to blame but no one hears your serenade

raise the stakes - raise raise raise

and set you hate - hate hate

so much to give and so much to sell

tell me what's sin

when your life is hell.... neutralize

every feeling which always


about resistance against existence

Had her in mind withering... dividing colours

then she fell into a shadow of an old friend

When i met her first time she was wearing blue and red

Sun was shining with her no clouds nowhere

Call me the Rise

And we can change this infinite game

that closed her eyes

TIME forgot her selfish name

so let’s celebrate that freakin’ day

of the sickness birth

And plan a date

with hangman’s unmerciful mirth and look how wide this river is now

deceit will not prevail

show your scars and rename all the stars

Beat the shackles of motionless face

Follow the rusting glass on your painless trace

Silhouettes of water everywhere missing

and you searching for one shadow of blessing

there is no sacrifice there ain’t no fall guy

For all your failures

there is no consolation when your waiting room

hears your wail

and turns it into a jail

The faith, The tear fading

Souls and dust

Stories of the six realms

Stories of the blue beams

mistakes, chaos around,

Find your way, Find your gate

Hard to take and hard to make

Freedom is awake and the deepest lake

Can devour, can give a life

Start to swim and start to scream

you will get out of the jail

Raise The Stakes - Raise Raise

And set your hate - Hate

So much to give and so much to take

This is your life and this is our faith