Beast Within The Sound - Text a video The Robbery z alba Eternal Conflict |
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Beast Within The Sound metal-metal / Praha

„Propulsion of War EP 2018!“

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Text skladby The Robbery

z alba Eternal Conflict

Autor hudby: BWTS
Autor textu: Nikolay, Roman Vician

Here we go with the nasty plan

We now need to collect a lot

To destroy the wars around

We got all we need

Once and for all

We gonna stop it

Cause we know how to deal with it

Once and for all

We gonna stop it

We gonna stop it now

First hit!

Going down to the casino!

Black jack magic 21

For a lotta times

2nd we throw the dice

trying to live our lifes

Blinding feeding

system smiling

we are about to try

We hit the jackpot

Put the cash in a bag

Kisses baby we gotta go

You know we love you too

London calling Lloyds is the next

We are getting back what you stole

Bank robbery with an invisible hand

That’s what we got for you

Blinded cameras, budgetary deficit

Hyperinflation time to sell

Blinded cameras watch your sins

Your freedom has been taken

Away...they don’t regret

So why I should be your slave


3rd hit middle east

Stealing weapons

Buying weapons

Getting them all to the bag

We want ‘em all and we want them now

We will collect ‘em all

So We can drive them out of this world

Boom Bang with the guns burn with the fire

We never stop until all is wasted

Boom bang with the guns burn with the fire

We never walk the same way again

Once I run away I’m invisible

You can call me using black hole phones

Systematically you’ll be going down

I was gone ‘bout the time you heard the shot

That one is hard!

Stealing spaceship ain’t an easy one

boom boom with the fire

We got the spaceship

Now it’s time to load it up

Time to fly to space with it 2x