Beast Within The Sound - Text a video Save the Amazon z alba Eternal Conflict |
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Beast Within The Sound metal-metal / Praha

„Propulsion of War EP 2018!“

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Text skladby Save the Amazon

z alba Eternal Conflict

Autor hudby: BWTS
Autor textu: Nikolay

Bitter is the taste of the truth

One day we did art then we've failed

than we had to sign

that contract that condemned us

and now we cry on a field

and we are trying to replant

that strange form of a life

Lumberjack 2x


With these hands we’ve put down

What was on our way

We went this far just to see

Burning down trees

And now we are back

With the saw in our hands

We are here to cut

We don’t give a fuck

Deforest! Devastate! Our nature is so great!


Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Fuck the Lumberjacks

Burned for tons of waste

Nothing more to eat

Slash and burn have some fun

Before you gotta run

Planet’s doing good

This is just for us

Sand is not enough

Ash is not on the a half

Money will consume you

With your chairlift to the top

when the burning sun

reaches the north and the cold

You’ll get your desert your wish

To join the golden ash

And the damned


Deforest! Devastate! Human nature is so great! . . . .

Those in the clouds are a mystery that never was known to me

was never known to me ….

Broken bones become stronger when they heal!

Cut from the left and cut from the right.... Fuck the lumberjacks

Cut from the top and cut from the bottom... Fuck the lumberjacks

Cut from the left and cut from the right cut from the top and cut from the bottom Lumberjack

We only gonna fall with the last tree - Fuck that Lumberjacks

Save....Save the Amazon! Protect the Amazon!

Proteger a Amazônia!

Proteger el Amazonas!