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Buer black-metal / Pardubice

„BUER - Blackmetal Pardubice - NEAKTIVNÍ“

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Text skladby The Headhunter

z alba DEMO 2014

Autor hudby: Lubosh/Zyklord/Bengraves
Autor textu: Johnny

When they dishonour your family
when the blood of your kin has been spilled
when the gods demand revange
it´s time to call... the Headhunter

-Waste land, :on my own -far from home
-Searching, :for my spoil -flesh and bone
-Bringing, :ax and bow -tools of war
-Stalking, :with my soul, - spirit roars


*track him down* - I track him down and see his footsteps
*feel his smell* - I feel his smell and search through waste land
*find the way* - I find the way that leads to forest
*look around* - I look around and see his village

*hide away* - I hide away and study his moves
*choose your blade* - I choose my blade and check it´s sharpness
*see him come* - I see him come and clench my knife hard
*get pepared* - I get prepared and wait for my chance


*slit his bloody throat* I slit his bloody throat and see him gasping
*turn his head around* I turn his head around and break his neck off
*look into his eyes* I look into his eyes and see his spirit
*suck his power out* I suck his power out and see his spirit go...