Broken.45 - Text a video Dead End z alba Reminded but Delayed |
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Broken.45 rock / Plzeň

„#Broken45 #RemindedbutDelayed #Dirty #rock #Plzen“

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Text skladby Dead End

z alba Reminded but Delayed

Autor hudby: V. Mužík / J. Mužík
Autor textu: V. Mužík / J. Mužík

Gonna burn a hole in your heart
So deep, tear you apart
The bitter becomes sweet
Still want you to rot

Come come, get up and fall again
Let live that birth, hit ground with them
Can you get over, handle it alone
It all comes back, scared to go home

Let me metastasize
Let me breakthrough
Let me spread out
Let me hit you

I'm ready to immolate
I'm ready to go deep
Nothing to be scared of
Just echoes of the beep

Losing all, getting few
Freezin' heart warming you
Now I am really really close
Awaiting overdose

So confused
So messed up
So destroyed
So full of flame full of life...