Boss People - Text skladby Hip-Hop is dead z alba Toi Toy |
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Boss People hip hop-rock / České Budějovice

„Fotřík je fajn a jedeme dál......“

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Text skladby Hip-Hop is dead

z alba Toi Toy

Autor hudby: Pneumatik + all BP
Autor textu: Byzon

People in czech like be a gangster try studing flow for big hard diss
Check this shit hip-hop is dead real word goes to the ass true is nuber 2
In this fucking world not best style i´m a hero and what are you?
You are the small man you are the child this is the hard game
Fuck you and go to the otherside

Ref: 2x

Wake up you man this is not america
Take real dreams and yourself pick up
Throw your diss away i´m talk you
Fuck for this be an artist and write real lyrics

In the heads of teens no idea to real world bad things no peace in the game on the lord
Eyes looking up for american rap they thing they do same quality same step
We don´t have a brooklyn we don´t have a black body
Don´t have a flow our language for rap is too slow
Write about yourself i´m a real monster
Big boss horible black glasses white cap hard chain isn´t bad
You wil go up and after fall down with your handycap

How many LP are you a thief did you mean you multikiller like mr. Bean
How many drogs did you sell to your dog how long you ride in the limusine with firefox
Did you´ve got a rolex casio made in china nice girls for the sex you´ve got what? A balerina
Lamborgini in front at the house you´ve got a trabant and still watting for big noise