Boss People - Text a video Fejsbuk z alba Toi Toy |
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Boss People hip hop-rock / České Budějovice

„Fotřík je fajn a jedeme dál......“

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Text skladby Fejsbuk

z alba Toi Toy

Autor hudby: Byzon + all BP
Autor textu: Byzon

Ref: 2x

Social sites and people in couches
Write every shit i go to gens doing shit
Facebook and skypes you can see minimaly
Stop this stop this is it realy kiss?

Short mesages smiles keep your ass at the table
On pc with cable network is your work
Day months and weekends you finding facebook friends
Lose life battle reality on the Gogole
Is it realy is it life? Spending chance on the sites
Red eyes ill body seven days everybody
In the week surf in net this world never back
Talk normal eyes to eyes people are animals


On-line hobbies like falal eror brain
Brutality in the game anonymity no fame
Xchats pornofilms music groubs and the films
Lose money download him fuck the artist you are win
Crack not pay licence key aborting you normal play
Be a man superman stop international lan

Ref: 2X