Boris Carloff - Text skladby In Circles z alba The Escapist |
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Boris Carloff alternative / Praha

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08. října 2012
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  • Falling / The Escapist
  • In My Lonely Room feat. Ghetto Priest / The Escapist

Text skladby In Circles

z alba The Escapist

Autor hudby: Boris Carloff
Autor textu: Boris Carloff

Sometimes I'm not laughing too much
Sometimes I’ve got no smile
Sometimes I'm acting so tough
Sometimes I hate my lonesome style

Walking aimlessly
Leaving my soul
I think it's watching me
And I just walk in circles

And I try to change these things
Fixing a simple broken part
But I don't know if it’s working out
Sometimes we have to try it hard
In circles...
Sometimes I create my own fate
Other times I follow it
Sometimes I'm much too late,
Sometimes I feel what I commit