Boris Carloff - Text skladby The Mist z alba The Escapist |
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Boris Carloff alternative / Praha

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08. října 2012
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  • Falling / The Escapist
  • In My Lonely Room feat. Ghetto Priest / The Escapist

Text skladby The Mist

z alba The Escapist

Autor hudby: Boris Carloff
Autor textu: Boris Carloff

One day I will burn burn the bridges
I will forget the past
I will leave it all in ditches
Lines covered with dust
I will enter the Mist
Listing pages of old sages
I will not resist
And white mist, kind mist, mind mist
Will finally give me a kiss, deadly kiss

We were the dream in the land of trees
I’m so far, it seems overseas…
In the world where all the blooms are smelling like the whores
I shut my eyes and breathing slightly I want to get outdoors
To the land of trees
Where she dreams
One day I will make it
One day I will make it so…