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08. října 2012
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  • Falling / The Escapist
  • In My Lonely Room feat. Ghetto Priest / The Escapist

Text skladby Falling

z alba The Escapist

Autor hudby: Boris Carloff
Autor textu: Boris Carloff

I want to believe you missed my treasure
10 feet underground I’m starving
I want to tell you, you cannot measure
What is slowly falling, slowly falling?
Falling, falling down

This fear like fear of noise is inborn
What about the second part of tension dr. Lead mentioned the fear of falling?
This happy couple for instance have a real problem

I want to find you, you, you
Holding breath for day light
I’ve been trying
You showed me your gun
Don’t baby don’t run, it’s all right
I see you falling, slowly falling
Different species, different lives
Different people are telling lies
Hand in hand we’re going till the end
And slowly falling….