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The Black Tubes pop-rock / Nový Jičín

„The Black Tubes - Warfare“

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Text skladby So Far So Good

z alba Reverse Horizon - EP

Autor hudby: The Black Tubes
Autor textu: Pavel Balcárek

Let's get back, let someone take it
Then you went to crack the dancefloors
Am I here now just to listen
What you die for every second
That thought was strong and we could keep it
For the world, you know we owned it
But then just in single minute
You were at the doors saying "sorry i can't"

And what now when I am sleeping on my back
Heavens are creeping
I can't choose and neither can you
What to lose if myself or you
Do you know how far is peace now
Where to get a place to hide
Before my demons steals the rest of life from
me and turn me into something I'm not

Long street lines that changed my mind again
Turned you from the stranger to my friend
I believe that this will never end
So don't be sad as i was back then