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The Black Tubes pop-rock / Nový Jičín

„The Black Tubes - Warfare“

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Text skladby Woods

z alba Reverse Horizon - EP

Autor hudby: The Black Tubes
Autor textu: Pavel Balcárek

Where is my attitude, why's there just silence Is it all I need
No one can read my mind, but sadly me neither I wish i could
Seeking for eternity in bottle of red wine spilled all around
Searching and looking for, where is the end now, or we are already there.

Are we already there
Or we're just on the road
Is there a finish line
Or neverending way

Where is your teenage dream and why you are so sad, and settled with
All you have now around, even when it's not really bad, as you might think
Should we just rewind now and live it all again, all again
I'd like to replay too, but hey nevermind, nevermind

Are we already there
Or we're just on the road
But then with all good friends

Nonsense gonna take the part now
If you wanna join then turn the lights on
Let the party start, right in the night
Don't forget your smile to keep it right

Forget you were sad, forget you were dead
Now it comes to right time to make up all the bed

Grab you wine and grab you beer
Now it come to time to push away your fear

If the whole world gonna turn you down
You need to believe that
Everything that happened so far
Was really needed