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The Black Tubes pop-rock / Nový Jičín

„The Black Tubes - Warfare“

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Text skladby Warfare

z alba Warfare - Single

Autor hudby: The Black Tubes
Autor textu: Pavel Balcárek

Well I should know
How to handle
All the love and hate
that’s all around me

So what’s the goal
The ultimate one
That I don’t know
What it is
if there’s one

I feel like I’m not moving
Really anywhere
My pleasure is in thinking
That it’s all waiting for me

But that’s not true
At least i guess so
But it’s hard to do it other way for me

That habit’s strong
deep in my head
Better be dead you said
but i don’t think so

To cross the line don’t worry
Where this all could end
Could possibly be the answer
For the question I always have

This is like a warfare
I would like to end
And bring on the silence
With peace in my head