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Blackout Incident rock-crossover / Praha

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  • Yes We Can (Promo CD 2012)
  • Kill Me! (Promo CD 2012)
  • Incomplete (Promo CD 2012)
  • Temptation (Promo CD 2012)

Text skladby Temptation

z alba Promo CD (2012)

Autor hudby: Jakub Svatoš
Autor textu: Tomáš Vilímec

Run run baby, you almost seems to freeze
inaction is not an option.

Rush rush rush baby, objecting is not in order,
our creed will make us stronger.

We live in different times
everything will change
they go after everyone
no one can feel safe

Only you can understand me, only you can help me out.
Absolutely temporary - right now.

Your presence is voluntary, expectations are none,
a second front of the conspiracy, restrained by...

Feeding you with free will with free will
disintegrate you disentegrate you!

I follow you to the New world to New world,
relied upon you relied upon you.

Chasing you
all your life
tormenting you
better pray better pay another time.