Blackout Incident - Text skladby Incomplete z alba Promo CD (2012) |
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Blackout Incident rock-crossover / Praha

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  • Yes We Can (Promo CD 2012)
  • Kill Me! (Promo CD 2012)
  • Incomplete (Promo CD 2012)
  • Temptation (Promo CD 2012)

Text skladby Incomplete

z alba Promo CD (2012)

Autor hudby: Jakub Svatoš
Autor textu: Tomáš Vilímec

Who keeps me winning
in every single round?
why am i swimming
in the ocean of my mind?

It must be
the story don´t write
of the road I hate I love

This cage will saturate me,
this cage will break my heart
everything just devastates me
even though I am satisfied.

Inside my blood is boiling
the point of view is under fire.

Shake with me,
I need you know,
I am crowling, I am losing,
I am incomplete,
just tell me why,
I am devided, I´ve lost my way out.

Confussed with sacrificed dreams,
somehow everything got undermined
memories swept present feelings
I am drowning in the fairy past.

This can´t be the ending of your path,
move your back and fight for life.