Blackout Incident - Text skladby Nothing In Between z alba Nothing In Between (2011) |
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Blackout Incident rock-crossover / Praha

„4 nové nahrávky !!!“

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Text skladby Nothing In Between

z alba Nothing In Between (2011)

Autor hudby: Jakub Svatoš
Autor textu: Tom Vilímec

Hold me hold me now I need your strength I need your favour,
only you could sympathize I am your villain I am the greatest danger
lay the dark right over me now I am hidden in the only shelter.

One last step I am flowing on your skin
the right place against your dissolution
in the end remains lunacy apathy
let me see whats inside your dark rooms
piles of dust are moving over me
its a simple thing I am waiting for recreation.

what we feel is a ghost in our minds
step by step from you
its not easy to think of our life
step by step from you

You and me
we are the reason for decay!
Stop the fall
we need to ressurect our hearts!
You and me
there is nothing in between stay here,
I am a fool
I believe you everything but why?